Take a lesson from hotels and get smart on using digital signage

Take a lesson from hotels and get smart on using digital signage

By, Sharon on Thursday July 22, 2010

By: Jude Carter

Hotels live and die by the “customer experience”. They are constantly creating new ways to touch customers and measure their satisfaction and loyalty. It’s the cornerstone of how they differentiate themselves.  They were early adopters of digital signage for guest communications. It’s a perfect way to consistently connect with guests with helpful information on restaurant and entertainment choices, special events, wayfinding and conference information. They understand that digital signage offers an easy way to “advertise” their offerings to their guests.

Fortunately, they do not stop there. They also recognize that a positive customer experience is not possible without engaged workers that are ready, willing and trained to deliver on the brand promise. You can have the biggest plasma screens showcasing elegant dining venues, yet all it takes is one surly waiter to derail the customer’s experience.

Besides installing plasmas in the “front of the house”, hotels also place them in the “back of the house” where workers congregate. Instead of using them to promote the elegant day spa or describe the full-service conference facilities, they are communicating messages on customer care, attitude, workplace safety and teamwork…all key elements to delivering high quality service.

While the content is different, the science is the same. Visual communication
and repeated exposure to messages is what influences behavior. It works just as well with employees as it does with customers.

How are you advertising your important issues to your workforce?


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