Digital Bulletin Board Benefits

Digital Bulletin Board Benefits

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Tuesday October 04, 2011

By Frank Kenna

Here’s an amusing Beetle Bailey comic strip from Sunday’s paper that illustrates a basic problem of traditional bulletin boards.  It shows General Halftrack asking Lieutenant Fuzz to post a memo on the camp’s bulletin board.  Between the message pass-off and other distractions, the memo never gets posted.  Gags like this are funny as we can all identify with them; been there, done that.  And if your company still uses a traditional bulletin board, this probably happens to you with some regularity.

This is where digital bulletin boards – aka Digital Signage – shine.  That’s because they enable users to post their ideas right now, from their desks.  No waiting, no hand-off to an assistant or other department.  Not only does this increase the odds of the message actually getting communicated, but it’s more efficient, increasing the user’s productivity.  There are many other benefits in moving to a digital bulletin board platform, including the ability to have your information appear instantly at one or hundreds of locations (even worldwide), use of animation and web content, live tie-ins to your information systems, subscribing to content feeds that auto-update, and much more.

If you’re still using old-style bulletin boards, maybe it’s time to take a look at some new alternatives

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