The Truth About Content…For Workplace Digital Signage

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Monday January 31, 2011

by Jude Carter

Everybody’s talking about content these days. Now that we have so many platforms, technologies and channels to play with, we need an endless supply of it. That’s true in the workplace, too. When it comes to electronic message boards, the success or failure of any deployment hinges on content.

Here’s what you need to know:

· It’s the 2nd question you should ask yourself The first one is, “Why do we want digital signage in our company?” Obviously, it’s a communications tool, but what do you need to communicate and why? Is it safety awareness, improved customer service, employee recognition? The answers to these fundamental questions will help define what kind of content you’ll need.

· All content is not created equal A steady diet of safety tips and metrics is not going to cut it. If you really want your workers reading this stuff, you have to mix it up with humor and dynamic graphics that address a wide range of topics such as health & wellness, attitude, stress, etc.

· How do you make it stick? If you want your messages to sink in, you’ll need to make them visual and repeat them 4-5 times. Repeated visual exposure is what gives it sticking power. (If you run the same message more frequently, you’ll lose your audience.)

· You think you’ve got plenty of it. Think again. Electronic message boards that run 24/7 have huge appetites for content. And most screens have 3-4 panels running different messages. Who in your organization will be feeding the beast? What’s your contingency plan for supplementing in-house content? Maybe you’ll need to buy or subscribe to content, or even outsource the production of it.

Bottom line: Don’t even think about buying even one plasma screen until you have a solid plan for content…unless, of course, you like that blank screen look.


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