Top 10 Wish List for the Next iPhone - The Marlin Company

Top 10 Wish List for the Next iPhone - The Marlin Company

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Tuesday January 10, 2012

By Frank Kenna

OK, I admit it.  This blog has nothing to do with workplace communications or digital signage, but once in a while you’ve just got to take a break.  And lately I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to have in my next iPhone.  It seems the more technology I get the more I want.  A real first-world problem.  So here’s my list.  Feel free to add your ideas too, even if you’re an “Android.”

I want my next iPhone to:

1. Be thinner & lighter.  Maybe flexible so it fits better in my pocket.

2. Be waterproof.  Have you ever got your iPhone wet, even for a second?  Fried.  And it’s not covered under warranty.  I’d like my next one to at least be water resistant so it can stand a quick (unintentional) drop in a sink or other bathroom fixture. 

3. Take better photos.  I know I’m spoiled by the already good photos.  But a while back I read about a new technology that makes a camera lens work like the human eye that would be a great upgrade.  And how about this invention that lets you change focus AFTER you’ve taken the picture?  I want them in my next iPhone!

4.  Be my car key.  I carry around my car’s RF key fob in my pocket and have a push button that starts my car.  It seems like my iPhone should be able to do that so I have one less thing to remember every day.

5.  Be my hotel key.  When I check into my next hotel, I want to point my iPhone at some device that programs it to open my hotel door.  When I walk up to the door, I want to press a button on the doorknob and have it automatically open.

6.  Pay for stuff.  I don’t want to have to carry around credit cards anymore.  I’d like all the information stored on my phone and available—automatically—whenever I want to pay for something.

7.  Hold my courtesy cards.  My wallet is cluttered up with all these little cards for CVS, Stop & Shop, Target, my gym, and on and on.  I want them gone!  I want my iPhone to automatically record the info once, and have it automatically register whenever I walk into one of those establishments.

8.  Be my drivers license.  OK, this would need a little government cooperation, but how about getting my license on my iPhone?  And while we’re at it, how about my passport too?  Then I’ll actually be able to find it when I need it.

9. Be a real video phone.  For years there’s been Skype, then Facetime, but there’s still no mainstream way to communicate via video that works all the time, anywhere.  Why not?  We know the technology is there.  I even saw it at the 1964 Worlds’ Fair in New York.  It’s time for a full-blown videophone! 

10.  Use biometrics.  Why do I still have to put in an old-fashioned code every time I want to unlock my phone?  I want biometrics built in that can identify me.  It could be a retina scan or fingerprint, whatever.  But if Apple’s going to put ideas 1-9 into my next phone (and I’m assuming they will!), then I want it locked 100% of the time and only openable by me.  Plus I won’t have to remember that stupid code anymore.

So Tim Cook: I know it’s a little late for iPhone 5, but I’ll be looking for these ideas in iPhone 6!  Readers: Any more ideas?


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