Using Electronic Message Boards for Improved Safety Awareness

Using Electronic Message Boards for Improved Safety Awareness

By, Sharon on Tuesday November 23, 2010

By Frank Kenna

That’s the name of a presentation I gave last week to the members of Connecticut OSHA, or CONN-OSHA.  One of our customers is a member of the group and asked us to do a presentation on digital signage (DS) and safety because so many members are currently looking for solutions in this area.

My presentation centered around “how to do it,” with the main components being equipment, software, coordination and content.  Each part has many considerations and generally a DS project turns out to be much more complicated than you’d think.  After all, these people are all about workplace safety; they don’t have the time to go out shopping for equipment and software, and certainly don’t have resources available to research and design the dozens of pieces of content that are required for an effective DS system. 

Although the member who invited us made it clear to me that I shouldn’t try to sell our product during the presentation, I was gratified that, after I was done, he stood up and proceeded to do just that.  I think that was because I made our case:  that designing and implementing DS systems is much more difficult and expensive that it first seems.  Although outsourcing the project to a vendor may seem expensive initially, it’s usually the much more economical way to go. 


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