Want To Watch TV on Your Digital Signage?

Want To Watch TV on Your Digital Signage?

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Thursday November 07, 2013

We occasionally get requests from prospective customers who want to be able to watch TV on their digital signage (DS) that they’re planning on buying.  When I hear this, my first question is, “Why?”  The answer is usually something about how their employees like watching TV and that they’re used to it, so the buyer thinks it would be a good thing to add.

I really couldn’t disagree more. The reason for buying DS is not to watch TV; if they want their employees to just watch television, they should go out and buy a TV for a few hundred bucks.

The reason most of our customers use DS is to educate their employees, that is, to try to communicate to them on important issues.  Adding a TV feed to the DS will not do this.  In fact, it will do just the opposite, detracting attention from the important business communications.  But, those prospective customers might say, having a TV feed in there will attract employees to the DS in the first place where they will then see the important indications. Well, I’d answer, you have the right concept but the wrong technique.

Think of it this way.  The goal for TV networks is to sell advertising.  The goal for a company DS system is to sell ideas to employees, to influence their behavior in a positive way.  Inserting a TV feed into DS certainly accomplishes the TV networks’ goals, but does little for a company’s. 

If that manager wants to attract employees’ attention to the DS using non-business content, I agree that’s a worthy objective.  But there are much better ways to do it, for example as outlined in this previous blog or this one


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