We Can Be Better!

We Can Be Better!

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Thursday May 19, 2016

I must say that I find today’s presidential campaigning disappointing, both for the lack of new ideas and for the insults and name calling. I think it’s ironic that presidential candidates display behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in most workplaces.

We can be better.

I can’t do much about the campaign, other than writing blogs like this, but we can make a difference in the workplace by communicating positive concepts and values to our people.

By doing this we can be better at:

• creating safe work environments
• knowing how to work smarter
• thinking up new solutions to problems
• living healthy lives, both on and off the job
• dealing with problems at home
• producing high quality products and services

Being better in these areas is the positive way to build for an improved future, to have more successful companies, families and communities.

So while our leaders are bickering with each other (Congress’s approval rating is only about 12%), it’s up to us take the lead in helping our employees and companies be better. We can do this by communicating clearly and transparently throughout our organizations, resulting in better training, creativity and engagement.

I think American business does a very good job with this, with our economy leading the world. Our dysfunctional leadership needs to stay out of the way – at least until they can display behavior and leadership that would be accepted in our workplaces. 


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