What Do Companies Post on their Digital Signage?

What Do Companies Post on their Digital Signage?

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Tuesday November 03, 2015

Are you a digital signage (DS) user or looking to implement it in your workplace?  Then you’ll be interested to see what other companies are posting on their DS.

The following list comes from a statistical sampling of content posted by companies using Marlin’s DS workplace product on Oct 30.  You could argue that the data is slightly skewed because it’s just from one day, or that some categories are subsets of others, but I think you’ll get the general idea and be able to tell where you stack up against dozens of other companies.  Here’s the list:

Birthdays - 15%
HR news - 15%
Safety - 10%
Recognition - 8%
Corp. announcements - 7%
Instructional / How to - 7%
KPIs / Dashboard - 7%
Content library - 6%
Health and wellness - 5%
Charitable / Fund raising - 5%
Events / Calendar - 4%
Holidays - 4%
Quality - 3%
Amusing video - 2%
Stress - 1%
Waste - 1%
Feedback - 1%

A couple of observations:  You may be surprised to see important issues like quality, stress and waste at the bottom of the list. A big reason for this is that Marlin produces content for our customers on these topics and automatically inserts them into our customers’ DS rotation, relieving them of the need to do it. 

And you may wonder what “Content library” is (8th on the list).  This is a library within our DS product containing 6,000 pieces of issue-related content created by Marlin. Users can search for content by topic and then post the piece(s) in their DS. Because only 25% of our customers subscribe to the content library, the implied usage is likely understated. If 100% of our customers subscribed to it, its usage would top the list at 24% (6% x 4).