What Does Your CEO Look Like?

What Does Your CEO Look Like?

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Wednesday April 04, 2012

By Frank Kenna

One in five workers don’t know what their CEO looks like. That’s one of the findings from a recent survey by CareerBuilder, as reported by Charles Osgood on CBS News last week.  More than two-thirds of workers said they don’t know how much their company generates in revenue each year. And only a third of workers can name all of the C-Level officers within their organization.

Jennifer Grasz of CareerBuilder asks a good question here, “How can everybody work as a team, if they haven’t been told what’s going on - or who their own boss’ boss is?”

I totally agree.  Managers too often only focus on communicating what’s important to themselves (production metrics, safety information, etc.) but ignore what’s important to their employees.  While issue-oriented communication is important, so is knowing all about the company itself.  Imagine if you didn’t know your CEO’s name, your company’s goals or sales for the year… you’d feel pretty disengaged, right?

As Grasz said, “[Good communication] really does impact morale. And it does also motivate employees. And so, it’s important that that information is continually shared throughout the year.”

If you’d like to listen to Osgood’s interview (it’s about a minute long) you can hear it here