Why You Should Hire Older Employees

By, Sharon on Friday July 02, 2010

By Frank Kenna

Here’s some counter-intuitive info that you may find interesting, like I did.

A study that appears in the July Issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention looked at the difference between younger and older drivers.  They did this by having the different age groups view videos of various driving situations. 

They found that the older drivers were better at identifying potential problems, such as kids walking near the curb, or, when approaching an intersection, they’d look to the right, where cars might be turning into their path.  In other words, they had learned from previous experience. 

In the business press, there is a lot written about age discrimination and the desire by managers to hire younger workers.  However, the findings in this study illustrate one example of why older workers can actually be better.  Experience applies to all activities, not just driving.  In one of the most important areas, inter-personal relations, older workers have a definitive edge, as they’ve had to learn to get along with their peers over the years.  And according to statistical research we’ve done, they are less stressed and angry, too. 

So the next time you’re looking to hire someone, consider an older worker.  You get the experience for free.