Workplace Safety: A Hand Being Pulled Into a Circular Saw

Workplace Safety: A Hand Being Pulled Into a Circular Saw

By, Sharon on Thursday September 16, 2010

By Frank Kenna

That’s a description of the lead video on a web page at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board’s Canadian website. It’s part of their “Road to Zero” accidents campaign, which features almost-too-real videos of workplace accidents.

The one linked above shows a man’s shirt cuff getting caught in a saw guide, pulling his exposed hand directly toward the rotating saw as he calls for help.  Others show a man blown out a window from a gas explosion, another whose broken scaffolding sends him flying… you get the picture. Like a highway accident, it’s hard not to look.

I know many of our customers use similar real-life type videos on our ECS product for communicating their safety topics, and I understand why; the content is so graphic it demands attention and gets the message to sink into the reader’s mind.  However, many companies think this is over the top, that the videos are just too upsetting to watch.  It’s a fine line, one worth discussing by your workplace safety committee the next time they meet.  If a video is very graphic but can save a serious injury or life… is it worth it?