Marlin’s Digital Signage for Sanitation Companies

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Additional hand sanitizing stations are now available at all main entrances. Please use them often & notify the Facility Dept. if they are empty.

Marlin is the only workplace digital signage company whose basic subscription includes content specifically for sanitation companies. We have many years of experience reaching employees in this industry and have a deep understanding of the challenges sanitation companies face.

Sanitation Workplace Safety

We know, for example, that employees often work in challenging safety conditions—in the dark with heavy equipment while handling potentially dangerous materials. We also know the lifting and hauling required can be physically demanding.

Marlin’s sanitation digital signage includes:

  • Safe driving, backing, and loading
  • Proper handling of hazardous waste
  • Safe loading and lifting of containers
  • Truck inspections
  • Customer service
  • Attention to overhead wires
  • Safe street crossing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Health and wellness

  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Hardhats
    • Hi-visibility vests
    • Gloves
    • Safety shoes
    • Eye protection
  • Teamwork and morale
  • Stress management

Sample Sanitation Content

Transportation Workplace Safety
Transportation Workplace Safety Content

In addition, Marlin’s vast Digital Signage Content Library offers extensive content on thousands of universal topics. Importantly, our content is frequently updated and refined to make sure it’s contemporary.

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