Marlin in Public Utilities

Improving Safety Awareness with Marlin

No matter which services you provide as a Utility (water & sewer, gas, power), you face communication challenges that are unique to a Utilities organization. Fortunately, Marlin has a proven track record in addressing these issues through easy, patented workplace digital signage. Utilities with Marlin digital signage are:


Enhance Custom Messaging with Marlin Utility Content

Utility companies can easily upload, enhance, and schedule custom content to their Marlin digital signage. But rest assured, you’ll also have access to fresh content provided by Marlin’s editorial department on a subscription basis or in a convenient library searchable by keywords. We do the research and provide eye-catching and engaging content specific to your industry. This includes content about:


What our Utilities customers are saying:

“Changing the posts on the boards is really easy to do. Sometimes I use existing files; other times I develop something from scratch. Once I put together a PowerPoint slide or a PDF, it can go up with just a few clicks. Posts can be scheduled, so I don’t have to remember to put something up or take it down. We’re really happy with the front-facing board in the lobby as well as the boards the employees see.”

Kate Powell, Communications & Outreach Manager
South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority

“With Marlin, we were able to stay within budget and get all of our facilities covered.”

Claire Learch, Employment Manager
Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha


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