Marlin Reach: Enterprise Digital Signage

Enterprise Digital Signage

Marlin's enterprise digital signage helps you keep them engaged and informed.

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Reach your Entire Enterprise

Communicate with employees across your entire enterprise in a truly effective way. Reach across all shifts, departments and multiple locations anywhere in the country. Marlin’s suite of digital communication products enables you to reach workers anywhere. Deliver performance metrics, goals and breaking news to everyone in your organization.

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Central Control

Easily manage user permissions for content creation and management. Enterprise digital signage tools help you manage all levels of access while maintaining central control. Easily manage your organizational structure and user permissions as you grow and change. Communicate your brand message consistently across the entire organization.

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Audience Targeting

Tailor content to specific departments, employee groups, and geographic locations, while keeping everyone on the same page with the corporate mission and goals. Get everyone on the same page and working together, whether they’re next door or across the country.

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Content Flexibility

Marlin offers unlimited options for content, tailored to the workplace. Create your own, using robust, easy to use content management software. Marlin’s  industry-specific workplace content refreshes daily. Our library offers thousands of visual workplace content pieces, searchable by issue or industry. Your content, ours, or a mix. You decide which works best.

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Secure, Patented Technology

Marlin’s patented digital signage technology (U.S. patents: 7,743,112; 7,765,273; 8,516,527; 8,826,168 B2; 9,088,576 and 9,094,403) is designed specifically for the workplace. Our cloud-based system is robust and scalable, using secure ‘pull’ technology, and software updates are automatic.

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