A Turnkey Workplace Digital Signage System

Marlin is the only digital signage provider that can provide everything a company needs to reach workplace employees with visual communication. This includes software, industry-specific content, hardware, installation, and support. A la carte offerings are available for hardware, software, and content.


Workplace Communication Designed for Ease of Use

Marlin’s patented workplace digital signage system (US Patents: 7,743,112; 7,765,273; 8,516,527; 8,826,168; 9,088,576 B2; 9,094,403; 9,665,839 B2; 9,959,522 B2) was created specifically for non-technical users and is intuitively simple. In fact, most new users can learn to post, edit, and schedule content in less than 30 minutes. The cloud-based interface makes it easy to post content from anywhere. And since adding users is simple, content creation can be shared by multiple departments.

Signage CMS on Laptop Signage CMS on Laptop

You don’t have to be an IT expert to use Marlin’s digital signage system. In fact, anyone who can perform the most basic tasks on a computer can easily learn how to use it.

Marlin’s digital signage software enables you to manage your content anytime with any standard internet connection. With Marlin, you don’t have to be in the office to be in control.

Marlin’s solution allows for central control for universal messages, and for local permissions that allow site managers to deliver messages unique to their workforce.

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Highly Effective, Highly Engaging

Marcom Awards

Marlin is the only workplace digital signage company to provide customers with award-winning industry-specific content as part of its basic subscription. Having a team of researchers and designers who dedicate their time to understanding critical issues within each industry and conveying them through content allows Marlin’s digital signage to cut through the noise in an efficient, engaging visual way. In addition, Marlin offers a Content Library that addresses a wide range of important workplace topics.

Marlin’s technology makes it easy for non-technical users to create and post their own content using source material of almost any kind—videos, Power Point, Word and Excel documents, social media feeds, live data, and more. There’s no complex file conversion.

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The Marlin Content Formula


Marlin Content

Marlin’s subscription content is formulated to support your bottom-line goals. We understand the issues affecting today’s workplaces and we know the strategies that employers are using to drive results. Our team of award-winning designers, writers and researchers specializes in creating effective, engaging industry-specific content that promotes a safe, productive and healthy workplace.

Compliance Content 

Our OSHA-certified staff transforms the complex rules and regulations of your industry into simple, clear messages that employees understand.

Performance Content

Utilizing eye-catching visuals, we demonstrate to your workforce how to follow industry best practices. By providing content that instructs, we help you reinforce appropriate workplace behavior.

Culture Content

Our ever-changing videos consistently promote a healthy, excellence-driven workplace culture. We regularly include messages on teamwork, productivity, accountability, and excellence.


Today’s employers face unique issues around employee morale. Marlin content includes the occasional trivia and seasonal video to boost the spirits of employees, and our collection of templates makes it easy for you to customize your own employee appreciation messages.

Industrial and Warehouse Workplaces

Subscription Content

Our basic subscription provides new content every workday. This content has been created for numerous industries, including:


Our Content Addresses Many Key Issues, Including:

Accidents and on-the-job injuries are unfortunate and bad for morale, but they can also impact your bottom line. That’s why improving workplace safety should be a priority for any business. Marlin’s digital signage solutions can keep workplace safety top-of-mind and raise awareness of industry-specific issues.

Stress and work go hand-in-hand. But, too much stress can interfere with employee concentration and productivity. Our two-step approach to reducing job stress is 1] provide workers with ways to handle emotions in positive and constructive ways. And 2] provide light-hearted, humorous content to amuse workers on the job.

Boost your employees’ morale and help them keep a positive attitude by recognizing their achievements and reminding them of their importance. Marlin digital signage can help your workers feel appreciated with content that’s encouraging, helpful and sometimes even humorous.

Encouraging employees to look at the quality of their work as a source of personal pride can be a greater incentive than the company’s overall success. Marlin digital signage offers a variety of long-lasting, resonant messages that encourage continuous improvement—in output and daily performance.

“White-glove treatment” should be a goal for all businesses, but each industry has its own way of defining exceptional treatment. Marlin digital signage offers industry-specific content so you can communicate the messages that resonate best with your employees and improve customer service.

Building a workplace diversity program can be challenging and demanding. Marlin digital signage can help by raising awareness, promoting tolerance and acceptance. Our workplace communication experts have crafted sensitive employee communication that increases awareness and acceptance of all individuals.

When workers lose time due to illness or health issues, it can negatively affect other employees and their efficiency, time management, and the overall quality of work. This could lower profitability. Marlin digital signage encourages employee health and wellness by providing workers with tips and information for a healthier lifestyle. Topics include healthy eating, proper hand-washing techniques, cold and flu prevention, and exercise.

Marlin’s customer research consistently shows that employers want to encourage teamwork. At a time when collaboration is critical to productivity and innovation, Marlin digital signage content helps remind each and every employee that they’re part of a greater team—they’re “in it together.”

A zero-tolerance culture for workplace violence and bullying is vital in any workplace. Marlin digital signage helps convey this message consistently and frequently to help ensure that employees avoid workplace violence issues of all types, including gossip and bullying.

Marlin’s easy-to-use content management software offers templates and animated graphics designed specifically for your employee recognition program. In just a few clicks you can create personalized messages designed to keep your workers engaged and inspired.



Marlin also includes content creation tools that make it easy for you to communicate your message. Choose from our extensive library of static and animated templates to create quick and engaging content. Templates can be customized to include your company’s key design elements—including color palette and fonts—to ensure consistency with your brand.

Digital Signage Content Template

Digital Signage Content Software

Our Unique Workplace Digital Signage Content Library

Marlin’s vast Content Library gives you ready-to-go content to support your workplace projects and initiatives. Topics include specific safety issues, health and wellness, stress management, improving teamwork, and maintaining morale. Sold in packages as a supplement to our basic subscription, our Content Library is an invaluable resource for many customers.

Custom Workplace Digital Signage Content Services

For more complicated campaigns or for those that require a high-level of design expertise, Marlin offers custom content services. For a reasonable fee, we can create one-off messages or multi-piece campaigns.

Laptop on Desk


Complete Care

Getting up and running with digital signage hardware (and protecting your digital signage investment) just got a lot easier. Welcome to Complete Care from Marlin—an assurance program that goes above and beyond expectations.

For starters, put your wallet away. We’ve removed the barrier of upfront costs associated with deploying digital signage media players. Free Marlin-certified players are shipped to you when you begin your subscription.

But that’s just the beginning. Complete Care also comes with hardware guarantees. This even includes protection against operating system obsolescence.

Simply put… Complete Care brings you complete peace of mind.

  • Keep your money where it belongs—zero upfront costs.
  • Free Marlin-certified media player as part of your subscription.
  • Operating system obsolescence protection.
  • Trouble-shooting expertise. If your Marlin-certified media player has a hiccup we can’t fix remotely, we’ll ship you a replacement at no additional cost.


Installing Excellence

Marlin can assist you in finding a proven installation service for your workplace digital signage screens and media player, or you can install them yourself. The Marlin system uses SaaS (Software as a Service), which enables you to access our content management system with a simple internet connection and web browser.

The Marlin system was designed to place minimal demands on IT. Maintenance is never an issue—ironclad assurance programs, such as Marlin Complete Care, can be included to make sure your players are always ready to perform. And Marlin’s software updates to the player can occur automatically.

After your system is up and running, your IT department still won’t be burdened. That’s because Marlin’s software is created for non-technical users and almost anyone can easily learn to post, edit, and manage content.

The Marlin system requires only a standard broadband internet connection. The access point can be wired or wireless. Also, the system caches content rather than streaming it, saving your network from unnecessary bandwidth demands.

Marlin’s system uses secure “pull” technology, so our content is never pushed to your media player. All communication is performed with 256-bit encryption. Your media player will run safely behind your firewall and run either your company’s anti-virus software or our turnkey solution.

Where should your Marlin screens be located? Marlin can help you decide. Although our workplace digital signage screens are ideal for warehouses, factory floors, and other locations with shift workers, our basic rule of thumb is to reach your employees where they are. This includes:

  • Break rooms
  • Cafeterias and lunchrooms
  • Check-in areas
  • Common hallways
  • Timeclocks

Workplace Industries


We’re Here When You Need Us

Marlin is not just a technology and workplace digital signage company, we’re a service company committed to making sure our customers’ needs are met and they’re benefiting fully from our digital signage. So we provide an unparalleled level of service and support. And although our system is intuitively simple and easy to use, we offer all the training people need.

Workplace Communications Customer Support

Marlin Customer Care

Marlin’s technical experts are passionate about providing the very best customer service experience possible. Period.

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Digital Signage CMS Software


Most new Marlin users learn to post, edit, and schedule content in less than 30 minutes. For those who need it, we offer extensive training.

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