Economy Up, Worker Stress Down? Think Again. Results From Marlin Workplace Survey.

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Wallingford, CT, June 10, 2010 – So, you think that stress levels are going down in the American workplace as the economy starts to improve?

Check out these lapses of concentration, as reported in a new survey by Marlin, a workplace communications and digital signage firm based in Wallingford, CT:

• Forklift drivers slamming into warehouse doors, taking off the top of truck trailers, wrecking overhead pipes and sprinklers, and dropping heavy loads all over the place – invariably because of inattentiveness.
• Employees putting the wrong labels on products into the wrong boxes and loading them onto the wrong truck going in the wrong direction to the wrong business – even, in one situation, to the wrong country!
• Hitting the wrong switch, and cutting off power to an entire building.
• Obliterating a database of customers.
• Trucks taking out power lines and backing into other vehicles and fixed objects all over the place.
• Using an unlabeled spray bottle, assuming it was one chemical, but discovering that the liquid just killed all the flowers and plants outside.
• Serious accidents, including losses of limbs and even fatalities.

These incidents were reported in a new survey conducted by Marlin in May. Seven hundred subscribers to Marlin’s turnkey communications programs responded to the survey and answered numerous questions involving the state of their workplaces.

Among the most serious issues these days – and the hardest to communicate – were a lack of positive attitudes and morale; a need for more employees to focus on responsibility and accountability for their own morale, as well as contributing to collective morale; integrity, ethical behavior and engagement in the workplace despite anxiety about the economy.

Others issues: Respect for co-workers; concentration on the details; avoiding rumors and gossip; and taking the time to follow company procedures.

“People everywhere are still very distracted by economic anxiety,” said Frank Kenna III, President of the Marlin Company. “Many are concerned about job loss, or reduced hours, or the loss of a job by a spouse. This takes a huge emotional, mental and physical toll, and what we’re seeing is thousands of workers partially blinded to the task at hand at any given time, making mistakes, causing accidents and taking it out on co-workers in an insensitive and undiplomatic way. What also came through loud and clear was the critical need for managers and employees to communicate to assuage fears and improve morale.”

In fact, statistics from several questions bear out the stress levels. Nearly 6 respondents out of 10 said that business is either the same as it was six months ago – which was bad to begin with – or worse. Just 4 in 10 said they thought business was getting better these days.

Survey Methodology
Marlin completed a nationwide email survey of companies from May 6, 2010 thru May 24, 2010. The target sample was 705 responses with approximately 29 questions. The results of the survey were calculated by using Raosoft sample size calculators. The margin of error is +/- 3.6 percentage points with a 95% confidence level.

About Marlin
For more than 90 years, Marlin has been the Workplace Communication Experts™, helping companies improve employee morale, productivity and performance through the innovative use of workplace posters and digital signage. Its corporate posters and electronic display systems, which contain content customized by industry, are helping companies of all sizes address workplace issues, such as safety, stress management, health/wellness, communication with employees and dozens of other topics involving workplace morale and customer service. Through its many years of experience, Marlin has developed a strong database of, and experience in, issues affecting the workplace. It routinely surveys thousands of customers to determine their current issues.

Contacts: Frank Kenna, Marlin (203)-294-9800 ext.227 or (
Jude Carter, Marlin (203)-294-9800 ext. 301 or (

Sharon Toelle
June 15, 2010

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