Patent Awarded to Marlin for QR Codes in Workplace Digital Signage

Marlin of Wallingford, CT has been granted its third patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,516,527) for displaying QR codes on digital signage. Marlin is the pioneer in digital signage solutions for the workplace. These electronic message boards enable companies to engage, inform and motivate employees with dynamic animated content.  Screens are typically located in common areas such as cafeterias and break rooms where employees congregate. Marlin introduced the QR functionality to create an interactive experience between the screens and employees with smart phones and tablets.

Marlin’s content management software enables users to add a QR code to a memo, chart or PowerPoint to be displayed on the screen. The code can be scanned using any smart device with a QR scanner app. When employees scan the QR code they can be directed to additional information or the opportunity to provide feedback. For example, a job posting can be displayed in a memo with a QR Code. By scanning the code, the employee can learn of the job description details. QR Codes can also link to text documents, websites, emails and surveys.

“Effective communication in the workplace is all about engagement,” said Frank Kenna III, President of Marlin.  “Digital signage offers a great platform for visual communication which is highly effective at getting employees’ attention. QR codes take the experience to the next level by encouraging employees to interact with the content. Employers benefit by gathering important feedback from employees. In a recent survey that we conducted with our users, 67% said that receiving feedback was extremely important to them. The days of tops down communication are over. It’s our job as managers to create a forum for two-way conversation with our employees.”

About Marlin
Marlin, a workplace communications company, helps managers reach employees wherever they work, using the latest SaaS-based technology solutions, including flat screens and mobile devices. Designed specifically for the workplace, Marlin’s patented digital signage products are known for their ease of use, robust content options and flexibility. For 100 years Marlin has developed and delivered visual communication programs that engage, inform and motivate employees. Learn more about Marlin’s digital signage products and services at

September 4, 2013

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