Second Patent Awarded to Marlin for Content Distribution in Digital Signage Systems

Wallingford, CT, August 11, 2010 -Marlin of Wallingford, CT has been granted a second patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,765,273) for its content solution for the Electronic Communication Station, a digital signage product for workplace communications.

Since 1913 Marlin has been publishing workplace content to help companies communicate critical messages on safety, productivity, teamwork, quality, etc. While Marlin’s roots have been in print publishing, they were early adopters of digital signage for communicating in a workplace setting.

Marlin offers subscribers an easy-to-use digital signage system with industry specific content, produced by Marlin, as well as content management tools. This patented technology allows users to manage, create, edit and distribute content to their employees.

“What matters most to people looking for digital signage is finding the hardware that meets their needs, and having the ability to control the content,” said Frank Kenna III, President of Marlin. “With this 24/7 communications medium, ‘feeding the beast’ is an ongoing challenge. We now have patents covering both the delivery system and the content, which puts us in a strong position to meet the needs of the market.”

About Marlin
For 97 years, Marlin has been the Workplace Communication Experts™, helping companies improve employee morale, productivity and performance through the innovative use of workplace posters and digital signage. Its corporate posters and electronic display systems, which contain content customized by industry, are helping companies of all sizes address workplace issues, such as safety, stress management, health and wellness, communication with employees and dozens of other topics.

Sharon Toelle
August 11, 2010

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