Breakroom Digital Signage

Do you remember the bulletin board that used to show up in the breakroom? When information on it was fresh and new, everyone would stop to take a look. But as it continued to sit there, with the same information slowly fading into the background, nobody noticed. Well, the breakroom is still your chance to get your employees’ attention, but now you have a “modern-day bulletin board” to make it happen.

Introducing Marlin’s breakroom digital signage. Deliver engaging, relevant content every day. Because it updates constantly and shows your most important messages, your employees will be sure to pay attention.

Why You Need Breakroom Signage

Your team is busy. Whether you employ shift workers at a warehouse or office workers that are on computers all day, everybody needs a break. And when they do, they head to the breakroom. This is your opportunity to get their undivided attention. Breakroom signage may even be your only chance to communicate with those workers who have limited access to email or smartphones.

Our breakroom digital signage draws in your employees with eye-popping imagery and text that changes frequently, so it always gets noticed. When used correctly, your team may look forward to checking the breakroom signage to see what new information you have for them. In some cases, breakroom signage can boost team morale and make employees feel valued, thus increasing productivity.

Features of Our Breakroom Signage

We have designed our breakroom signage to be extremely simple and effective. Our features include:

  • Built-in templates that save you time when posting memos, birthday announcements, HR updates, recognition pieces and more.
  • Scheduling options so that you can post your messages in advance and deliver them at the prime time for optimal breakroom attendance
  • Ever-changing graphics to ensure your breakroom signs always stay fresh
  • User permissions so that you decide who is authorized to post content.

Ways to Use Breakroom Digital Signage

The opportunities for your breakroom communication are endless, limited only by your creativity. Some of the ways we recommend using our breakroom signage include:

  • Sharing an inspiring message from the CEO
  • Recognizing employees for their accomplishments
  • Wishing a worker a happy birthday
  • Demonstrating your passion for the business
  • Showing the team how much you value them
  • Displaying key safety initiatives
  • Delivering urgent messages
  • Promoting location-specific initiatives

Why Marlin for Breakroom Signs?

Since 1913 we have been helping companies communicate effectively to their team members, whether they have one location or thousands. Our patented software is designed for ease of use and flexibility.

While there are other breakroom signage options, none were developed specifically for the workplace. Marlin knows exactly what it takes to keep your team engaged. The combination of our easy-to-use software and, and industry-specific content ensures that you can easily engage and inform your employees. To learn more about what our break room digital signage can do for your company, contact us now.

What Is Marlin?

Are we a corporate digital signage company? A visual communication company? An electronic bulletin board service? An employee safety communication company?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Although there are many different ways to label what Marlin does, our goal is singular: to help companies communicate to their workplace employees in ways that are engaging, influence behavior, and improve the bottom line.

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