Corporate Digital Signage

Communicating with your employees is perhaps one of the biggest challenges you face. Employees are distracted. Nobody reads their email. Paper distribution is unreliable. Until now, it has been hard to reach everyone with the important information your employees need to know. But with Marlin’s corporate digital signage system, you now have a more effective way to deliver consistent messaging to employees at all of your locations.

Why You Need Corporate Digital Signage

When your employees are engaged, they perform better. When they feel valued, they work harder. The secret to both is effective communication. With our corporate bulletin boards, it is easy to speak to all of your employees, even if they are dispersed across the country

Our enterprise corporate messaging system allows you to send corporate messages across your entire company, with special targeting for each location. Our industry-specific content, included with the program, will catch your employees’ attention and keep them reading your corporate digital signage every day. When you can grab your teams’ attention with high-impact graphics and relevant content that changes continuously, you can motivate employees, change their behavior, and increase your profits.

Features of Our Corporate Digital Signage System

Not all corporate messaging solutions are created equal. At Marlin, we have developed software that gives you everything you need for successful communication. Our features include:

  • Controlled access to your digital signage system. Send company-wide messages to all locations while allowing local facilities to post content that’s relevant to them.
  • Brand consistency in the look, feel and tone of your content.
  • Easy display of your social media feeds to share the conversation with your employees
  • Integrated social media feeds to spark the conversation with your employees
  • Complete customization options with a wide array of templates, wizards, and widgets to get you started
  • Scheduling capabilities so you can make sure your messages get delivered at the right time

Ways to Use Our Corporate Communication Solution

There are many ways to put your corporate bulletin boards to work for you, including:

  • Showcasing messages directly from the CEO
  • Announcing upcoming events
  • Raising safety awareness
  • Boosting morale through recognition
  • Promoting current initiatives to keep the team on track
  • Communicating urgent messages in a timely matter, and much more!

Why Marlin for Corporate Digital Signage

At Marlin, we understand that corporate messaging is about a lot more than just the technology. Effective corporate communication comes down to the power of your content. You must put out engaging, relevant content that does not blend into the background. With our patented software, you can capture your employees’ attention with every message, no matter how many employees you need to reach. We know what it takes to influence your team’s behavior, and we would love to show you how you can use corporate digital signage to improve every aspect of your company. To learn more, contact us now.


What Is Marlin?

Are we a corporate digital signage company? A visual communication company? An electronic bulletin board service? An employee safety communication company?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Although there are many different ways to label what Marlin does, our goal is singular: to help companies communicate to their workplace employees in ways that are engaging, influence behavior, and improve the bottom line.

Get a Free Digital Signage Demo A Free 10 Minute Online Demo of the Marlin Electronic Communication Station

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