Digital Bulletin Boards

Marlin’s Digital Bulletin Board. Simple. Powerful.

Use your content or our library of workplace topics like safety, quality and recognition

The workplace communication solution

You’ve been looking for an effective way to communicate goals and news to your workplace across all facilities and departments. You want a workplace communication program that’s easy to use, flexible, and reflects the priorities of your industry and company culture. Marlin delivers the answer with our patented digital bulletin board technology (U.S. patents: 7,743,112 and 7,765,273) combined with industry specific content.

Companies like Sysco, Waste Management, Safeway and Pepsi rely on Marlin’s digital bulleting boards that are grounded in solid research and backed by nearly 100 years of communications experience. Create measurable change and promote a culture of safety and quality throughout your organization with Marlin’s digital bulletin boards.

Marlin’s digital bulletin board makes it easy to bring home the message

Marlin’s digital bulletin boards are designed to make your job easier. Ready to plug and play with industry-specific messages interspersed with local news, weather, and sports, or combine with your own company content for maximum impact.

Upload any file type easily and quickly with Marlin’s digital bulletin board software. Tailor your content to specific locations or employee groups, while promoting your company culture across all departments and shifts. User friendly dashboard tools allow for multiple users and levels of access, with access and support available 24/7.

Turnkey Digital Bulletin Board System

  • Easily upload video, web pages, Word, Excel, and Power Point, web and almost any other file format.
  • Our turnkey digital bulletin board system utilizes the most up-to-date digital bulletin board software and hardware.
  • Message frequency is based on scientific research for maximum retention without boredom.
  • Reach workers at one location or all your facilities nationwide.
  • Visually engaging content is updated daily with messages specific to your unique industry.
  • Give employees a reason to visit often with the latest news, sports and weather.
  • QuickTicker allows for instant streaming news and announcements.

Get in touch with Marlin and get your workplace communication program on the right track today with our digital bulletin board system & software.

What Is Marlin?

Are we a digital bulletin board company? A visual communication company? An electronic bulletin board service? An employee safety communication company?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Although there are many different ways to label what Marlin does, our goal is singular: to help companies communicate to their workplace employees in ways that are engaging, influence behavior, and improve the bottom line.

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