Electronic Bulletin Boards

Marlin’s Electronic Bulletin Board. Simple. Powerful.

Inform your employees on workplace topics like safety, quality and recognition from Marlin’s electronic company bulletin board

Company electronic bulletin boards come of age

Communicate to your employees the news and info that creates a high functioning workplace environment with electronic company bulletin boards. Marlin’s electronic bulletin boards use push-and-play technology to share messages on everything from job safety to company goals to sports updates.

Deliver the message with Marlin’s electronic bulletin board

Add your own content to Marlin’s helpful tips and updates geared to employees in your specific industry. Appealing images and key information in your employee electronic bulletin board are always relevant to your business. Remind warehouse, utility, and manufacturing employees to always wear personal protective equipment. Improve morale by honoring the Employee of the Month, share quality improvement metrics, while promoting teamwork and cooperation with Marlin’s electronic employee bulletin board.

With Marlin’s electronic bulletin boards you can encourage teamwork, quality work and on the job safety among your employees. Promote employee recognition and feedback, adding your own content through our easy-to-use electronic company bulletin board software at any time.

Reap the benefits of electronic bulletin boards

Turnkey digital message boards utilize the latest technology in display and hardware.

Messages sent out through our electronic bulletin boards keep employees informed of company news and promote effective workplace communication.

Workers can be reached at a specific location, or messages can be sent to multiple sites around the world.

Web-based video training and easy-to-use interfaces make adding your own content to your company bulletin board simple.

What Is Marlin?

Are we an electronic bulletin board company? A visual communication company? A workplace digital signage company? An employee safety communication company?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Although there are many different ways to label what Marlin does, our goal is singular: to help companies communicate to their workplace employees in ways that are engaging, influence behavior, and improve the bottom line.

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