Electronic Display Board

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Electronic Display Board

Marlin's Electronic Display Boards. Simple. Powerful.

Use your own electronic digital signage content or our library of workplace topics like safety, quality and recognition

An Innovation in Workplace Communication

Keep employees informed and involved with Marlin Company’s electronic display boards. Display product news, videos, job safety reminders, and recognize employees for their contributions. Combine this with Marlin’s electronic digital signage content for appealing graphics and images that engage your workers. Employee communication is essential to an effective and productive workplace.


Promoting a Positive Environment

Automatic updates via the Internet insure that content is fresh and relevant. The Marlin Company provides industry-specific messages, which you can supplement as much or as little as you want with your own content. Our electronic display boards leave room for motivational material, up-to-date news and weather, and on the job tips and safety precautions.

Our turnkey technology informs transportation workers about the dangers of using their cell phones while driving, healthcare staff on safe patient lifting, and warehouse workers on forklift safety and wearing proper headgear.

Program Advantages

  • Marlin Company’s patented electronic display board features the latest digital signage technology (US Patents: 7,743,112 and 7,765,273).
  • Marlin’s research based workplace content supplements your company news, videos, and performance metrics for greatest impact and versatility.
  • Content can be tailored to specific department needs and locations, while keeping the corporate message clear and consistent across one platform.
  • If you already have digital signage hardware in house, let Marlin supply the content!
  • Internet-based platform allows for 24/7 access and automatically updated workplace communications.
  • Reach workers on every shift at a specific location or multiple sites around the world.


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