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Results Driven Workplace Communication

Since 1913, Marlin has partnered with companies like Pepsi, Sysco, Safeway and Waste Management to create workplace communication programs that affect both company culture and the bottom line. Solid communications experience combines with our patented electronic signage technology (U.S. patents: 7,743,112 and 7,765,273) to deliver tangible results for our clients time and time again. Industry specific content joins with flexibility and ease of use for powerful results.

Easy to learn, Easy to use

With a 24/7 all access pass from any internet connection, Marlin makes your life and the life of your business easy to manage. Dashboard tools allow you to handle multiple users and to send information to specific groups or all of your employees. And you get the peace of mind of Marlin’s support team behind you all the way.

Our new electronic signage technology allows you to upload files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and almost any other format. With no complex file conversion, we make it easy to get your content online at the right time for the right audience.

Electronic Signage Advantages

  • Our turnkey digital communication system utilizes the latest technology in display and hardware.
  • Messages keep employees informed of happenings and promote your company goals and culture.
  • Workers can be reached at one specific location, or at multiple sites around the country.
  • Fresh, visually compelling content is updated daily with industry-specific workplace messages.
  • On-the-job topics interspersed with motivational messages and the latest news, sports and weather keep it interesting for employees.
  • User-friendly interface for creating and managing in-house content in PowerPoint, Excel, web, video and just about any format.
  • QuickTicker for your special messages about employee recognition, events, or updates on workplace safety goals.
  • Support and training for our electronic signage systems is provided via web-based videos and phone-based customer and technical support.

Effective Workplace Digital Signage

Dedicating your company to an effective employee communication program is a commitment that’s well worth the effort. To experience all of the benefits of our system, you need a plan that includes results driven content, updated regularly with your unique goals and employees in mind. Talk to Marlin today about a communications program perfectly suited to your company culture.

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