Corporate Digital Signage

Keeping your employees informed while also engaging them is crucial for effective communication. Workplace LED signs can be a powerful tool to achieve this, however, not all LED message displays are created equal. At Marlin, our propriety workplace digital signage gives you the software you need to post your in-house content, and we include industry-specific content to keep your screens dynamic and engaging.

Why You Need Workplace LED Signage

The bottom line is that workplace LED signs help you communicate with your team effectively. Whether you have one location or hundreds, LED workplace signs enable you to reach all employees with company-wide messages and site-specific content.

However, when shopping for LED safety signage, it is important that you don’t just focus on the technology. While you want to select the best technology for ease of use and effectiveness, you also need to pay attention to the software behind the system. No matter how high-tech the LED workplace signs are, if the messages aren’t eye-catching, relevant and dynamic, your employees won’t be looking at the screens. That means that the software must be easy to use so that you can post great content.

Features of Our LED Message Displays

At Marlin, our LED message displays have you covered. Our proprietary software gives you the tools you need for successful communication right at your fingertips. Our workplace LED signs include:

  • An easy-to-use content management system that lets you instantly post all of your content, either to the whole company or only to specific locations
  • Built-in templates that offer dozens of designs for memos, milestones, HR announcements, holidays and more
  • Eye-catching graphics that are sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by
  • Dynamic screens that never stay the same, so they get noticed
  • Scheduling capabilities so your messages get delivered at the precise time you specify
  • User management features that allow you to choose who has permission to what tools
  • Scalable software that can accommodate worldwide organizations just as well as local ones

How to Use Our Workplace LED Signs 

With an LED workplace sign, you can instantly and effortlessly send a message to your entire team. The possibilities are limitless. How you use your screens is up to you, but here are some popular applications:

  • Reinforce key safety rules and regulations
  • Encourage team interactions
  • Promote contests to push key initiatives
  • Wish a team member a happy birthday
  • Recognize a company anniversary
  • Communicate your key business objectives
  • Highlight safety issues and solutions
  • Show key performance indicators in a simple-to-understand format
  • Deliver consistent messaging throughout all locations

Why Marlin for LED Workplace Signs?

Marlin is the only workplace LED signage brand that knows the importance of content as well as technology. We strive to provide you with the top technologies available while always making sure the content steals the show. It is only with relevant, engaging, strategically chosen content that you can really reap the benefits of LED message displays. To learn more about the specs of our workplace LED signage, as well as how we can make it work for your company, contact us today.

A Marlin Case Study / Marlin at Work

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Chocolate is serious business at Blommer. When you bite into a chocolate coated granola bar, or a cinnamon chip muffin, you are experiencing the taste of Blommer. As the largest supplier of specialty confectioner coatings, this Campbellford, Ontario-based manufacturer has 140 employees in a 24/7 plant.

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What Is Marlin?

Are we a corporate digital signage company? A visual communication company? An electronic bulletin board service? An employee safety communication company?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Although there are many different ways to label what Marlin does, our goal is singular: to help companies communicate to their workplace employees in ways that are engaging, influence behavior, and improve the bottom line.

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