The Marlin Edge

The Marlin Edge

The Science, Art and Innovation of Workplace Communication.  Marlin is the only digital signage provider focused exclusively on the workplace. 103 years of experience in visual communication, and a unique combination of research, creativity and innovation have led to a proven method of engaging workers.

The Science

Understanding the Audience and the Environment

Marlin experts dig deep to identify topics that are relevant to your workers’ lives at home and at work. We are well known for our research in workplace communications, having conducted the Attitudes in the American Workplace poll with Gallup, Harris and Zogby. Additionally we survey thousands of customers biannually, enabling us to stay abreast of what is on the minds of workers. Marlin consults with industry experts such as OSHA, NSC, SHRM, AIS and many others to insure accuracy of messages. These findings form a solid foundation for creating content that workers will notice, read and retain.

The Art

Creating engaging visual communication that educates and inspires

Drawing from the research, Marlin's Editorial Department produces content that is well-researched, topical, elegantly designed, directly targeted at and uniquely adapted to the workplace. The content covers everything from universal topics, such as safety, quality and teamwork, to evolving issues specific to manufacturing, transportation, health care, business services and other markets. New content is delivered daily, keeping the message fresh.

Marlin is the only digital signage provider that includes workplace content in its programs, and offers a robust content library covering hundreds of topics. The patented ECS software is designed with message retention in mind exposing viewers to a message 3-4 times and ensuring new content daily.

The Innovation

Understanding how to deliver the message

Because we focus exclusively on the workplace, we understand what is unique about the corporate user. They want to be able to post all kinds of in-house content, quickly and easily. They need a content management system that is easy to learn and simple to use. They require unlimited flexibility in user management and scheduling.

Marlin designed its ECS system exclusively with the corporate user in mind. Most all other digital signage providers are generalists providing products for advertising, marketing, entertainment and wayfinding. At Marlin, we know you’re very busy so we provide online training. Within a few mouse clicks you can post and schedule any in-house content. Marlin follows technology trends closely, designing new applications for mobile and desktop technologies that ensure that your important messages can reach all your workers, wherever they are.

The Partnership

Understanding what makes a great relationship

Marlin understands that a successful digital signage deployment requires care and feeding to keep it dynamic and effective. With a 24/7 customer support team, helpful videos, and communications experts full of ideas for helping you develop great workplace content strategies, we won’t leave you hanging after purchase. We share best practices and offer custom solutions. We actively seek your feedback to continuously improve our products.

No other digital signage company offers such a keen understanding of the unique challenges of workplace communication in general, and specifically the role of digital signage within it. The Marlin Company’s digital signage communications systems provide the ability to reach, tools to engage, and strategies to make a difference within your industry and workplace.

Find out why so many companies rely on Marlin digital signage.

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